Yours faithfully, The potential in me.


Disclaimer: This letter is just another side of being unemployed and holds the discussion which we do with ourselves or close friends during that period. I never intend to submit cover letter of these kind to hiring professionals.  


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to you with at least an assurance to break up the monotonicity of your valued work, of hiring new and bright employees for your company.

Surrounded with piles of envelopes, and envelopes with courteously formatted A4 sheets, and sheets with formatted sentences and words with the hope to get selected for your company, you must be thinking what this cover letter has in offer for you. I am sure that you must be flowing every day with the ‘dedicated’, ‘motivated’, ‘sincere’, ‘passionate’, ‘hard-working’, ‘team-player’ with excellent ‘leadership qualities’ and ‘time-management’ skilled authors applicants with some of them having ‘’’pythonated’’’ a management portal, a few other artificially intelligent % octaved %  geeks, and rest all definitely atleast an  <> i <> HTMLian <>/i<> or  <sout.<>TAB<>>Java+Cian (** See bottom for the descriprion) only to be able to get up picked by the institutes and companies like you. Some of them are tri-lingual and some astoundingly can watch movies in six. A large portion have been managers, seniors or coordinators promising ground-breaking ideas, increased revenues and steep growth.

Certainly, I am cognizant of the ‘unmeant’ languages requiring compilation and management ahead of bringing on something excitedly amazing at times, but having spent 15 precious seconds (this is the average time you must be keeping to actually reject an application), you must be wondering out of your seat, really, does this applicant boast of anything type-casted above? Should I keep reading this puzzling unprofessional letter?

Well, here’s the answer for you. There’s never been a manager, accountant, senior executive etc. to my profile. I had never been a leader to a ‘team of leaders’ and I cannot speak and write in more than two languages. And here, you must have now started folding the paper to try out your directed aim to the runt of papers in the dustbin. After all, this is one of your favourite pastime for the rejected papers if you are young enough and non monotonous!

But, I do have something in offer for you. Untapped endowment and promise to be successfully experimented in full capacity. This is what I offer. In the battle of what I have done and what I could do if given the right opportunity, I offer my potential to you which unfortunately has never been utilized just because it has never been utilized before. I do not boast of providing optimistic warmth to even the darkest of situations and workplaces because I had never been into it but without flowery statements and grandiose declarations, I say, let an experiment (this is what you will call it) happen. Let an individual have a start to the situations you want him to have been while floating out the advertisements for the application.

And yes, I congratulate you, to be able to make incredibly difficult decisions everyday picking up the choice for you, among such prospective and promising candidature. I for one certainly do not envy your position and wish you the very best for search of the candidates who are what they really promise.

With all hope, this piece of writing wasn’t just a probability of breaking mundane tediousness of 9-5 Thursday,

Thanking You


The potential in me


** HTML, Java, C, Python and Octave are software/platforms which computer professionals use to develop any portal or software. sout TAB is a command in Java for print and some other stray characters are just a part of kind of syntax/command used in those languages.

10 thoughts on “Yours faithfully, The potential in me.

    • Thank You Sir your honest opinion. I will definitely improve my way of writing. However, this was just another side of being unemployed and I never intend to send cover letter of such kind to the hiring professionals.

  1. Hi Ayush I love the point you are making. It can be so frustrating at times the months of hard struggle trying to find the right job. At times it can be quite soul destroying particularly when you know that you have so much to offer and bags of untapped potential. The only think you can do is have faith that one day the right company will take a chance on you and I’m sure it will happen when the time is right. Best Wishes

    • Thanks for your wishes. I too count to chance for things of these kinds. However, I am a college undergrad and yet to face the situation but yeah have been through the kinds of these in internal selections.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks Asad. I am already following your blog, courtesy to the writing of yours. As a college student that was as much relatable as you had found mine. 😀 Wish you all the best for that “perfect opportunity” which you are looking for. You can have a look at some of more writings by me, the one on Facebook psychology experiment on my blog The Kaleidoscope.

  2. Hi Ayush! I completely understand the struggle of proving your potential to an employer when you don’t have much tangible experiences to base it on. When I began my career change, I was determined to become the rising professional I envisioned myself being. Though my background in work experience is nothing but fast food and child care, I know that I am capable of so much more. I was a leader in high school. Not popular, but I took charge. I was the president of a club and a large part of event planning with my church for 6 years. Though many may see these and invaluable because it was in my adolescence, I have the challenge of proving to employers that these qualities exist in my life to this day, a hundred times stronger than before. Resumes are the basis of our qualifications, and society has come to believe there is only one way to form these papers that read our life story. But just like the changing of society itself, you can recreate the resume to fit your brilliance. That is what I have done! Thank you for sharing your article, I sympathize with the narrator!

    Love and Success,

  3. Enjoyed this. I can relate to the feeling of it seeming that you need to have already achieved so much before getting a job, when all you need is for someone to give you a shot. Really like the idea of the letter being from ‘the potential in me’ – gets across the idea very strongly. Also smiled at the way you picked apart the cliche words people use in job applications. Maybe it is a bit wordy and could do with tightening up but I don’t agree with Dr Duff above. It did ‘offer something’ to me in that it was a piece I enjoyed reading (to the end). Keep writing and it’ll keep getting better, is what I find.

    Thanks for stopping by and seeing me at

    • Thanks a lot Tim for your patient reading and yeah improvement should be the aim in every thing that we pick up to do and I keep that in mind. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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